Benchmark Q&A


    Will report cards be in Illuminate?

    Yes, K-6.


    Will the report card be revised considering we have a new curriculum?

    The report card is not curriculum dependent. However, they will be reviewed as we implement the new programs to see if we can provide enhancements to improve on the information they provide.


    What items will be graded?

    An SUSD assessment calendar will be created identifying which assessments are required and which are discretionary by grade and subject.


    When are we implementing iReady testing for reading assessment?

    The iReady diagnostic will be administered three times, fall, winter, and spring.


    Will we still get consumables for the Write Time student books to go with Benchmark Advance?

    Supplemental programs will be set aside next year. We will fully implement the Benchmark program to determine if all needs are met or if there are any gaps that could potentially be supplemented by other materials. First, we must implement the Benchmark as designed. 


    Can ELD be taught to everyone (EO's) during our designated ELD time?

    No. ELD must be focused on the EL students so they receive maximum support in this time.


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