School Info

  • Graduation Requirements (SUSD Board Policy 6146.1)

    40 Credits  (4 Years)                    English

    30 Credits                                          History/Social Science

    20 Credits                                          Physical Education

    20 Credits                                          Science

    20 Credits                                          Mathematics

    10 Credits                                          Visual & Performing Arts, World Language, or CTE

    70 Credits                                          Electives (Academy Career Pathway courses)

    Total                                                      210 Credits

    Student Conduct Code

    Weber Students are expected to follow the same Student Conduct Code as all other SUSD students. This full document can be found at:

    Student Conduct Code

    Dress Code and Professional Appearance

    The Weber Dress Code is a minimum standard, strive for a professional appearance.


    Weber Institute Professional Dress Code
    NO Logos, Lettering Graphics • NO Denim, Jeans, Shorts, Leggings, Jegging, Yoga Pants, Drawstrings
    NO Hats, Hoodies, Bare Midriffs, Sagging • NO Slippers, Sandals, Stilettos, High Heels, Open Toe, or Backless Shoes
    Weber Spirit Shirts on Mondays Only
    • Collared polo, plaid, or dress shirt. Solid colors preferred.   • Must wear collared shirt underneath.      
    • Men’s shirts must be tucked into pants always.     • High school jerseys and sweatshirts allowed on game day only.
                  • ONLY school, college, or military-affiliated logos are permitted.
    PANTS & SKIRTS          ACCESSORIES           
    • Pants must be worn at the waist. No sagging.      • Scarves, lanyards, belts, and buckles must look professional.
    • Skirts must be at least knee length; capris must be calf length. • Headphones and earbuds may not be worn in class or office.
                  INDUSTRY UNIFORMS         
                  • Scrubs and tucked-in shop shirts are permissible.