Freshmen Academy


    The Freshmen Academy is a transitional program aimed at preparing 9th graders for success in their elected academy with an emphasis on high academic standards and good citizenship.  The academy is designed to help students succeed academically by eliminating some of the pressures they often face as they enter high school.  As students learn the "Weber Way," they will prepare for greater learning and success.

    The Freshmen Academy has

    • An introduction to and preparation for a Career Pathway
    • Emphasis on study and organizational skills
    • Consistent academic, behavioral and dress code expectations
    • Group work, team building, and collaboration groups
    • The Accelerated Reader (AR) program

    Students are expected to follow the Weber Way:

    • Adhere to the Weber Dress and Honor Codes
    • Carry an AR book at all times 
    • Carry their flash drive(s) at all times
    • Come to school daily and are on time for all classes
    • Behave professionally and possess a positive attitude
    • Be helpful to others and treat others with respect



Typical Freshmen Classes

  • Currently, Freshmen take 8 classes that include:

    • Algebra
    • English
    • Geography
    • Earth Science
    • Physical Education
    • High School Success
    • and other elective or support classes