• STUDENTS Emergency Information

    Your safety is our first concern.  To keep you safe we have established emeergency procedures and resources

    Emergency Signals

    All Clear

    This is usually a verbal command given over the public address (PA) system and means that it is safe to return to class

    Fire Alarm

    This is the loud sound we hear when there is a fire alarm.  When you hear this, locate your teacher and follow their instrucitons.  This usually means you are to evacuate with your class along the escape route.  Stay with your teacher and follow their directions.  Assist others that may need help.

    Stop, Drop and Cover

    This is usually a verbal command given over the PA system and usually assocaited with an earthquake, severe weather or other dangerous situation.  Drop to your knees unerneath tables, or desks away from windows with the head protected by the arms and back toward any windows.  Assist others to get them into a safe location.  Stay their until you are instructed to leave. 


    This is usually a verbal command given over the PA system or by a school staff member.  This is usally related to a dangerous situation in or near the school and is best for students and staff to secure themselves in a locked room.  Lock all doors and windows and then pull the shades.  Those in outside areas or hallways should immediately return to their classroom or to the nearest classroom as instructed by staff.  Take the Drop and Cover actions an remain calm and quiet until further instrucitons are given.


    Sometimes students are in personal crisis.  We encoruage you to talk with your parents or guardian.  If they are not availbile, then seek a trusted adult.  This includes a school counselor, teacher or administrator. 

    If you or someone you know has feelings of suicide (killing yourself) please ask for help.  Start with your parents.  If you need more help, or you don't feel like you can talk with them, contact an trusted adult at school.  You can also call (209) 468-8686, the San Joaquin County Mental Health Services number.