Student Records
  • Student Records and Transcripts

    In this section, you will find everything you need to obtain academic records and request official transcripts. We understand that keeping track of your academic progress and obtaining essential documents is crucial for your educational journey. 

    Weber Institute is unable to accommodate alumni requests for graduation verification & transcript requests beyond the first year following their high school graduation. Please click the link below to go to the SUSD Student Records Department homepage to complete a request form: 209-933-7020 Ext. 2290. You can obtain the transcript request form here: Transcript Request Form. In addition, the District Records Office is located at 1144 East Channel Street, Room 105 Stockton, CA 95205. Please take a State ID or Driver's License. Processing Transcript Hours: Monday through Friday - 7:30am - 11:30am & 1pm - 3:30pm.    

    Services Offered:

    1. Academic Records: View academic history, including grades, courses taken, and attendance records. 

    2. Transcript Requests: Need an official copy of your transcripts? You can request them here. Transcripts are often required for college applications, job applications, and scholarship opportunities.

    3. Student Information: Update student contact information, emergency contacts, and personal details to ensure we can reach the appropriate people when necessary.


    Official Transcripts

    Purpose: Official transcripts are typically used for official and formal purposes, such as college applications, job applications, professional licensing, and academic verification.

    Issuing Authority: Official transcripts are issued by the school's registrar's office.

    Format: They are printed on secure paper with the school's official seal, logo, and the registrar's signature. Some academic institutions might also request electronic official transcripts.

    Content: Official transcripts contain a comprehensive record of a student's academic history, including all courses taken, grades received, and any honors or awards.

    Recipient: Official transcripts are typically sent directly to the recipient, such as a college. They are considered tamper-proof and trustworthy.


    Unofficial Transcripts

    Purpose: Unofficial transcripts are used for personal reference, self-assessment, and to provide a quick overview of one's academic performance. They are not intended for official or formal use.

    Issuing Authority: Unofficial transcripts are usually generated by the students’ counselor or the school’s registrar.

    Format: A simple printout of a student's academic record. They do not have the school's official seal, signature, or other security features.

    Content: Unofficial transcripts contain basic information about the student's academic history, such as courses taken and grades received. They may not include all the details present in an official transcript.

    Recipient: Unofficial transcripts are not considered as authoritative as official transcripts and are not accepted by colleges, employers, or other official organizations. They are often for personal use or reference only.


    How to Request Transcripts:

    1. Download & fill the Transcript Request Form. Forms are also available at Weber’s Main Office.

    2. Complete Personal Information: Begin by providing your personal information accurately. This typically includes the students’ full name, student ID number, and contact details.

    3. Select Transcript Type: Choose the type of transcript you need – most commonly, this will be an official transcript, but there is the option for an unofficial copy as well.  

    4. Choose Delivery Method: Select your preferred delivery method. Transcripts can only be sent electronically to verified college institutions. Physical transcripts can also be sent to institutions or be available for pick up. Please keep in mind the time it takes for the institution to receive physical delivery of the transcript.

    5. Carefully review all the information you've provided for accuracy. Verify the recipient's details, your contact information, and the delivery method.

    6. Email transcript requests to Weber’s school registrar OR turn it in at Weber’s Main Office. 

    7. The school's registrar will process your request within 48-72 HRS, and you may receive updates on when your transcript is ready or when it has been sent to the desired recipient.

    Student Contact Information

    Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) must come to the Main Office and present a valid form of identification to perform any changes to student contact Information. 

    The following student information may be requested to be changed: 

    • New Home Address - All correspondence will be mailed to the new address provided. 
      • Address Verification - Bring one of the following CURRENT documents:
        • Rental property contract or lease
        • Utility service statement
        • Mortgage statement
        • Pay stub (with name & address)
    • New Phone Number - All phone messages & calls will be dialed to the new phone number provided.
    • Adding/Removing Emergency Contact - In case we are unable to reach parent(s)/legal guardian(s), other individual(s) may be contacted in regard to the student(s). 
        • A new emergency contact form will need to be completed. Please download and fill a new Emergency Card or request form at Weber's main office and turn it in person. 

    How to Request Contact Information Change:

    1. Download & fill in the Contact Information Update Form. Forms are also available at Weber’s Main Office. The Spanish form can be found here.
    2. Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) must come to the Main Office and present a valid form of identification to perform any changes to student contact Information.   


    Student Academic Progress, Grades, Attendance

    ParentVUE Access 

    ParentVUE is a tool that offers parents the ability to find helpful information to support and guide students through the educational process. Parents can get an inside look at their child’s schedule, attendance, and grades. Parents can also use this tool as a means of communication with their child’s teachers. With one click, an email can be sent to your child’s teacher.

    General guidelines for ParentVUE

    1. You will need to have a unique email account to set up your username and password. Do not use one of your child’s email addresses.
    2. Keep your username and password confidential.
    3. Please note that assignments will be graded and recorded in a reasonable amount of time. Questions regarding your child’s grades should be directed to the individual teacher.
    4. Attendance is taken daily in real time. Any questions should be directed at the Main Office.
    5. Using ParentVUE should not be a replacement for checking with your child about homework, grades, or assignments. Talk with your child about their daily activities at school. If you feel your child may be having difficulty in school, please contact the teacher.

    You can find our PDF fillable form here. Forms are also available at Weber's main office.

    • This form must be completed and presented in person.

    Instructions - How to set up ParentVUE here.