• The Mission of Weber Institute

    The mission of Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology is to develop students who are both college and career ready.  We are dedicated to developing leaders who are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, who think critically and creatively, who are dedicated to their communities, and who are lifelong learners.


    The Vision of Weber Institute

    The Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology will be a model college-and career-preparatory educational institution emphasizing a rigorous and relevant curriculum. As a small learning community, Weber Institute will graduate creative and adaptable 21st-century thinkers who are prepared for post-secondary opportunities and apply their technical competencies in real-world situations.

    Weber Logo

  • Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

    • Communicate Effectively
    • Collaborate with Others
    • Critically Solve Problems
    • Creatively Develop Ideas & Complete Quality Projects
    • College and Career
  • Slogan

    Bridge To Your Future