What Weber Does For Students


    "When my mom told me, she wanted me to go to Weber, I was so mad.  We agreed, I would go for 2 years, then I could go back to my neighborhood high school.  In my sophomore year, I had a change of heart.  The teachers here are so helpful and really care about the students.  I am so glad my mom chose Weber for me.  I don't know where I'd be today if I had gone to a big high school.  I feel with the skills I have learned at Weber, I feel I will go far in my life.  I encourage any student to choose Weber as their high school."  -Felicia A. (2013)

     "'Education to be successful, must not only inform but inspire' T. Sharper Knowlson. Throughout my years at Weber, I have gained the skills that have helped me become organized, manage time, and develop better study habits.  I can honestly say I made the right decision by choosing to come to Weber because not only have I made long-lasting friendships with classmates, but there is always a teacher to help.  Weber has helped me gain more self-confidence and skills that I need to succeed after I graduate."  -Graica C. (2013)

    "Weber has helped me be more independent and confident by motivating me to have a bright future.  Being in Auto has shown me girls are capable to work on cars too.  After graduating Weber Institute, I plan to join the military and attend college." -Emily R. (2013)

    “One thing is clear; in my mind attending Weber Institute was transformational... Being part of Weber’s Health Academy, I explored different career paths. I learned about the relationship between higher education and careers.  At Weber, I begin to form a vision of what I wanted to do when I grew up. I began to link my individual likes to appealing characteristics of different jobs that I found interesting. School became an important step I needed to take toward reaching something bigger. In a way, at Weber, I developed an ambition, a strong desire to reach a specific goal. Before Weber, I did not form an opinion of what my future would occupy. Attending the school, I begin to envision what kind of careers I would have and the kind of subject I would want to specialize under. This insight Weber prompted me to obtain regarding my own potential I wielded in shaping my future orientated me to consider a very important thing. I began to establish a clear understanding of things that I found value in, and begin to see how such traits manifested in various forms, human relationship, personal accomplishment, shared accomplishment and activity. 

    In summary, while attending Weber, I developed professional behavior, appreciation for meaningful relationships, and a belief that I could be a positive force for those around me; at Weber, I gained clarity on the future that I’d like to obtain for myself, thanks to the great mentors and positive encouragement I received from its dedicated faculty.”  -Jafra Thomas, (2008)

    Weber was the place where I learned to be confident in myself and my abilities as a competent student and a good leader. Through the health academy, I confirmed my young interest to go into the health field. I loved learning about the human body and all the careers I could possibly pursue. By my senior year, I decided to take the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Course. The experience was unforgettably rewarding. Once I graduated, I took the state exam to officially become certified in order to have that as a job opportunity. I knew I wanted to continue my education, however, so after being accepted to multiple universities, I decided to enroll at the University of the Pacific as an "Exploratory Major" student. After exploring different majors such as Speech and Language Pathology, I decided to major in Sports Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine to eventually become a physical therapist. Now, four years later, I will be graduating from University of the Pacific with my Bachelor of Arts to go to graduate school and soon become a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). The information I learned from all my health-related classes at Weber has certainly put me at an advantage when having to learn similar, more in detail material. The skills I learned while a student in the CNA course have also put me at an advantage and will continue to do so when I become a DPT working with patients in the hospital or in nursing homes. I cannot thank the Weber community enough for the impact they made in my life. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging. They bring the best out of every young high school student.  -Susana Yanez (2009)