• Delta registration for SPRING 2021, starts November 2nd. You will need to click on this link:, click on Dual Enrollment and follow each step as directed. If you follow these steps exactly as instructed, you should be able to successfully register with no issues.


    Q: When does class start and end?

    A: Spring term is from January 11 – May 14, 2021.


    Q: What time are the classes?

    A: The classes are 100% online courses, through Canvas (Delta’s Online Platform) Instructors may have optional Zoom sessions, but not mandatory.  


    Q: How many Delta classes can you take?

    A: You are able to take 1-3 courses, if your counselor allows you to. In order to take 3 courses; The courses must be 2 classes in the same period and 1 afterschool. If you decide to take 2 courses, they both must be during 1st, 4th period. OR you can take 1 class during either 1st or 4th period and then 1 class 5th period. If you would like to take 3 courses, then 2 of the courses must be during the 1st or 4th period and then 1 afterschool. You must have ALL of the courses added to your Chavez schedule. (including 5th period classes)


    Q: I have a Delta ID from a few years ago. Do I need to apply for a new one?

    A: Yes, you must REAPPLY for Spring 2021. Your Delta ID number will still be the same, but you must reapply for the current term. See instructions.


    Q: Do I need to complete a CES form if I already turned one in this term?

    A: NO, you will no longer have to turn one in for the remainder of your high school years.


    Q: Do I need to complete another waiver form if I did in the past years?

    A: You must complete 1 waiver form for each school year. If you completed one for last school year, yes you will have to complete another one.


    Q: Can Freshman and Sophomores take Delta Classes?

    A: YES, speak to your counselor to make changes to your Chavez class schedule.


    Q: What if the instructors name is different than what shows on my Chavez schedule?

    A: As long as you are adding the correct class number and it shows the name below, you are in the correct class.  


    Q: What is my graduation date?

    A: If you do not know your graduation date, use May 1st and the year you graduate.


    Q: What if my Delta account shows I owe fees?

    A: The fees should be removed by the end of the term.


    Please be informed, when filling out the CES form, you will complete your part and click “finished”. Once you complete your part, it will automatically be sent to your parent’s email. They must open the email right away and sign the document. Once they sign their part, it will be sent to your counselor so they can also sign. It will then go to Delta and once they process it, they will remove the CES hold from your account. If you complete the steps as instructed, you will be able to register without any complications. 


    Remember, the Delta course must appear on your Chavez class schedule in order to take a Delta course. You MUST add the class code on to your Delta portal AND make the changes to your Chavez class schedule with your counselor, or you will not be able to take the course.


    If you have any questions, please contact myself, Mrs. Sao or your counselor.


    Class Nbr








    A J


    Criminal Justice

    Douglas Murray


    1st period


    COM ST


    Public Speaking

    Sonia Toledo


    5th period - Afterschool




    Reading and Composition

    Shelley Hanna


    1st period




    College Comp and Literature

    Shelley Hanna


    4th period


    H S


    Human Development

    Melinda Westland


    5th period – Afterschool




    History of the United St

    Hans Hauselmann


    4th period




    Introduction to Prob/Stat

    Ko-Hsin Yeh


    4th period




    Intro To Psychology

    Chelsea Weilburg


    1st period




    Introduction to Sociology

    Yvonne Berenguer


    4th period

    Step #1

    Talk to your counselor to add the Delta class to your class schedule.

    Step #2

    If you have never taken a Delta class, you must apply for Delta. If you have taken a Delta class in the past, but did not take a class this last term, you must re-apply for the Spring term. See "steps for applying" tab.

    Step #3

    If you did not take a class last term, you must fill out a CES form online. 


Instructions for applying to Delta College at Cesar Chavez High School 2020/2021 – (this is a 2 part process) You will need your Social Security Number to apply.

  • Part 1 – Create a CCC account

    Step 1 – "Apply"  Go to:

    Step 1

    Step 2 – “Dual Enrollment College Early Start”

    Step 2

    Step 3 – “Apply for Admission”

    Step 3

    Step 4 – “Apply to Delta College”

    Step 4

    After you create your CCC Account, you will receive an email with your CCCID.

    This is NOT your Delta ID #. Please continue……..

  • Part 2 – Apply for Delta College 


    Once you have created a CCC account, follow steps 1-4 again. It should link you to your CCC account and you will begin the Delta College application.


    Click "Start a new Application" (choose SAN JOAQUIN DELTA COLLEGE)

    Part 2


    You will continue answering the questions on each page and then continue.  There are 11 pages you must complete.

    You will be asked to submit your application and then fill out a short survey.  You are not finished until the screen tells you to log out.


    Your Delta ID will be emailed to you within 2 business days.


    You will also receive instructions how to access your portal. You should log into your portal and change your password.


    If you have any questions, contact your counselor or Guidance Technicians: Ms. Greenwood ( or Mrs. Sao ( for enrollment information.