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    SAT and ACT Information

    **No longer used for UC or CSU Admissions!**


    The SAT & ACT are no longer used for UC or CSU Admissions. However, other institutions or scholarships may still require this. 


    If your strengths are in Math, English and Writing, then you may score better in the SAT Reasoning Test. Or if you are more 'rounded' and also good in reading and science, then you may score better on the ACT plus writing.

     The ACT measures: Register for the ACT

    • English
    • Mathematics (through Algebra II/Trig)
    • Reading
    • Science
    • Writing (optional)-required for UC's


    The SAT measures: Register for the SAT

    • Critical reading, including sentence completion and passage-based questions.==
    • Math (through Algebra II, but not Trig)
    • Writing, including multiple choice questions and a written essay.


    The ACT and the SAT test your knowledge of the fundamentals of a high school education. The two tests are guided by different philosophies, and the two exams have different formats and test different subject matter. These differences are significant enough that you might feel much more comfortable taking one test rather than the other.


    **Fee Waivers & Study Guides are available in the College & Career Center. Cesar Chavez High School Code: 053966**


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