• Distance Learning Information

    Due to the current health restrictions, we will have all instruction online until further notice.  The current orders include the first four weeks of school, but may be extended by local or state orders.  For those who wish to remain in distance learning when the school does begin to allow in person learning, continued distance learning will be an option.

    Distance Learning will be different this year.  You will have specific instructional minutes that have to be accounted for with time interacting with your teachers and with assignments/assessments completed.  The state has laid out these guidelines in AB77, which requires live interaction with students, attendance for each period, each day, 240 minutes of daily instructional minutes (including assignments) is required.  Assignments and assessments are fully weighted for grading.   A passing grade is required to earn credits.  Grades will be issued as A, B, C, D or No Mark (NM).  Letter grades will earn credit and will be weighted for GPA.  NM will NOT earn credit, but will not be factored in the GPA.