• How to get a Work Permit?

    Students need to do the following...

    • Secure employment (get a JOB).
    • Pick up an Application (B1-1) from the Main Office.
      • Meet the Minimum School Requirements (grades, attendance, discipline).
    • Fill out the Application (B1-1) and return it to the main office when completed.
      • Your Work Permit should be processed that day.
    • Sign and take your official Work Permit (B1-4) to your employer. 


    Office Hours:

    I am available to students during both lunches. I will either be in my office (A129) or in the Career Center. If you cannot find me, please sign in on the clipboard in my office and/or email me.


    Mr. Calder

    Work Experience Coordinator

    Cesar Chavez High School

    Phone: 209-933-7480 Ext. 8932

    Office: A129