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    Tech tips to Keep You Involved

    Doug Pitney

    8/19/20 @ 9am

    Career Research Using Xello

    Cristina Avila

    9/2/20 @ 9am

    Tips for a Successful School Year

    Laura Pearl

    9/16/20 @ 9am

    Cyber High Credit Recovery

    Heidi Prieto

    10/21/20 @ 9am

    Cyber High Credit Recovery

    2nd Presentation


    Heidi Prieto

    11/4/20 @ 9am

    Delta College Courses at Chavez

    Marci Moreno

    12/2/20 @ 9am

    Financial Aid

    Candace McGee

    1/6/21 @ 9am

    Why Delta College

    Angelica Flores

    2/3/21 @ 9am

    Scholarships / Filling in the Gaps

    Silvia Ballardo

    3/3/21 @ 9am

    State Testing

    Michell Canfield

    Christyn Flores

    4/7/21 @ 9am

    Signs of Suicide

    CCHS Counseling Team

    5/5/21 @ 9am