Exciting News!!!

Vision Resource

Eye Glass-World has partnered with SUSD Health Service Dept. to provide a complimentary pair of eye glasses for our underserved students within the community. 

As you identify students having the greatest need for assistance in affording eye care:

  • Have the Parent/Guardian call to schedule an Appt. (the recipient should contact the store ahead of time)


  • Parent/Guardian should inform the store that the student attends a school within SUSD and has been refereed using the "National Vision Cares Voucher" Program. 


  • Eye-Glass World will discuss if they have a current/valid eye prescription. If they do not, the store will work with them to try to faciliate a comprehensive eye exam. 


  • Parent/Guardian can call Eye-Glass World or visit www.eyeglassworld.com to find the closest location. 


  • The Trinity Parkway location phone # is (209) 715-6864