• Welcome to MESA Club at Franklin High School

    MESA meets on Wednesdays in Room S6 at Lunch.  See you then:)

    We are really excited that we now have a MESA Club on campus. 

    Is MESA for me?  

    MESA is an organization that was started in 1970 in California because not every student gets to experience project-based activities.  If you like building things with groups of students and trying new things then MESA is for you.  The MESA Schools Program engages students interested in STEM primarily through project-based team competitions and events, field trips, and short courses. MESA teams are based at school sites and are guided by MESA Advisors.   At Franklin, your MESA advisor is Mr. Padilla in the Science department.

    MESA Club Application - you are becoming not only a Franklin Club Member but a Member of MESA all over the state.