• Welcome to our TLC page!! TLC is the Teaching and Learning Community.  In this community, our coordinator strives to help us to become college and career ready by graduation. Our goal is to make it to a four year university right after high school. Every student who joins this program will have a better opportunity to succeed in school and in life. The students get to experience a whole different environment in the program. TLC students have the opportunity to take many of the same classes with each other throughout  their years of high school. They also get the benefit of going on College fieldtrips and doing activities in which the students can get to know each other better. Also, many students who have joined TLC say that it has more sense of  family and that they do not regret ever being in the program. This program pushes the students to become better in life and to achieve their goals. Once you become part of the TLC program you won't ever regret joining. Students will be able to learn many new things about how to prepare for colleges, and how to be presentable in a job interview. Classrooms are student focused so we can be better prepared in life.

TLC seniors 2016