Dual Enrollment/College Early Start

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    Delta College's Dual Enrollment Program is for students enrolled in 9th - 12th grade and lets you get started on your college education while still in high school.  Courses are taken on high school campuses and are geared towards college and career readiness, with options available in both Transfer and Career Pathways. 

    Through Dual Enrollment, you are a Delta college student on an accelerated path to a degree or certificate! 

    Students can stop by during lunch or after school.  Be sure to bring a note from your teacher if you are stopping by during class hours.

    Feel free to contact us: 

    Mrs. Suarez, Guidance Technician - Phone: 209-933-7435 ext. 8218 - ssuarez@stocktonusd.org

    Mrs. Munoz, Guidance Technician - Phone: 209-933-7435 ext. 8209 - naomimunoz@stocktonusd.org



Last Modified on August 23, 2023