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    About Me

    My name is Lillaana Fortier-Brigham.  I spent the whole summer learning fresh new ways of bringing you the lessons that you need to know!  This year, I can barely wait to support you in your learning with exciting experiences in

    • 7th Grade English Language Arts
    • 8th Grade English-Language Arts
    • World History
    • US History
    • AVID Elective

    It's time to ask great questions and solve tough problems.  What do you love to learn about? What do you want to know this year? Let me know! 




    ACT Team 7th and 8th Grade Class Materials List

    Hello Parent(s) or Guardian(s),

    I am looking forward to supporting your child’s learning for the 2019-2020 school year. These are the materials and supplies needed for the entire school year. Thank you for helping ensure that your child has the proper tools to be successful.  Click on this list for a printable copy of the supply list. SUPPLY LIST

    Required materials:

    • 3” - 3.5" binder with clear view covers (REQUIRED)
    • Backpack/bookbag
    • School planner (first copy provided by Hazelton - replaceable for $5.00 per student)
    • 3 boxes of #2 pencils (one per trimester) or mechanical pencils (with plenty of your own lead supply)
    • Two compact pencil sharpeners
    • One 3 pack of erasers  
    • One package of tabbed binder dividers
    • One ream of white lined college-ruled binder paper
    • One set of Crayola colored pencils (classic colors)
    • One set of 10 Crayola markers (broad-tipped, classic colors)
    • Two tablets of 1 cm graph paper
    • One 12 inch / metric ruler (non-metal)
    • One 3-hole zipper pouch for supplies
    • One large glue stick or 3 small ones
    • Two boxes of facial tissue per trimester
    • One 5-subject college-ruled spiral bound notebook for ELA
    • Three single subject spiral bound college-ruled notebooks for History
    • Personal earphones for testing
    • One set each of blue, purple and black ink pens
    • 1-5 black Flair pens
    • One box of black or blue dry erase (EXPO) markers
    • One 500-count package 3X5 index cards-white & or light colors
    • Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator (about $10)

    I realize that these materials can add up cost wise, but inexpensive supplies can be found at a discount at Office Max/Depot, Target & Walmart throughout August!  Investing in your child’s education is important so they can become college and career-ready!


    Mrs. Brigham