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    The children call me Mrs. Barry.  I have raised three children, flown a Cessna over the Pacific, lived in Europe, traveled to many countries, delivered the Stockton Record at 5 AM on my bike in the rain (up hill, both ways), cooked for dignitaries, hiked Yosemite, learned to ski on the delta, camped in the SNOW in Utah (unplanned), and traveled across America for months in a tiny car with a baby (planned). 


    I  very much enjoy the incredible things kindergarteners say and do!  My teaching experience spans from preschool to 6th grade.  Being a grandmother and the mother of a female tool and die apprentice and 2 army medics,  I have lived long enough to greet former students dropping by at Hazelton to say hello from graduate level classes from as far away as San Diego State University. 


    As a local from a large family of eight, I attended Fillmore Elementary.  I began studying child development at Delta College, graduated from Sac State, and continued there for my credential.  My teaching career began as a preschool teacher right out of high school.  During college, I did elementary school substitute work for Sacramento and have been a teacher with Hazelton Elementary since 2002.

     For The Kids

    For The Children,

    I love waterfalls, purple socks, milk chocolate, sand between-my-toes, surf, diverse cultures, holidays, new experiences, museums, art, pet butterflies, dogs, cats, video games, boots, technology, Star Wars, my FAMILY, and    smiles that go right up to your eyes.


    Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Debra Barry


    Kindergarten Greetings! See you soon! Nice to have you stop by!