• Let's LEARN!  

    Hello there Middle Graders!  I am Lillaana Fortier-Brigham, a 27 year veteran teacher @ Hazelton.  I have spent the entire summer getting ready to learn & grow with you.  I love to travel, do research and more than anything I love to witness your "A-HA!" moment when you learn something new!

    Working & learning in my class will be worth your time and energy!  If you are willing to GROW, stay positive, follow class procedures and apply yourself, you will succeed.  You WILL learn in our class...I guarantee it!

    You have no idea how much I look forward to being your resource for all things ELA, U.S. & World History, and AVID. 

    This year, we will be

    • getting organized for learning,
    • reading critically,
    • writing and analyzing text collaboratively, and
    • taking & using highly effective notes. 

    And when all that work gets overwhelming, remind me that you need a BRAIN BREAK...(ask me what that means when school starts).  Our OVERARCHING mission is to be SAFE, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and PRODUCTIVE so that we can get ourselves college and career ready in 2019-20.   

    Buckle up and let's get going!