About the Teacher

  • Valarie WalkerWelcome To Kindergarten

    Hi, My name is Valarie Walker and I teach kindergarten at Hazelton Elementary School.  I have taught at Hazelton for my whole 30 year career!  Over the years I have taught a first/second combination, straight first grade, and for the past 18 years... KINDERGARTEN!!!!  I love my job, my students, and the amazing staff at Hazelton.  When I'm not at work, I love to read, go shopping, and be with my family.  I'm married to my husband, Paul, and we have twin daughters who are in their third year of college.  We also have the sweetest black and white cat named Chloe.

    Past students, please email me!  I love to have updates, and see all the wonderful things you are doing!