• Weber Institute has three preschool classrooms on campus. The first preschool class is through Special Education and students receive instruction from a Speech-Language Pathology teacher with the support of two instructional assistants. The other two preschool classes are operated by the Early Childhood Education Department but housed on Weber's campus. Both preschool and high school students benefit from being on the same campus. The Health Academy sends students over to the preschool classrooms to teach children about nutrition. Our English Language Learners read to the preschool children, benefitting both groups of learners. We also have teacher's assistants assigned to the preschool classrooms as additional helpers.

    If you are interested in your child attending Early Childhood Education preschool, please follow the link:

    The Special Education Department places students and has differing requirements.


    Weber Preschool

    209-933-7330 x7990

    Weber SDC Preschool

    209-933-7330 x7995