• Greetings, Hello, and Salutations
    My name is Ms. Hardy and I have the privilege of being your child’s Biology teacher here at Stagg High school!
    I have always loved science and after high school, I moved away to Alabama to attend Tuskegee University with a major in Veterinary Science.  Life happened (as it tends too) and I had to come home.  I studied at Delta College for 2.5 years and received my Associate of Science Degree in Biological Sciences.  I transferred from Delta to the University of California, Davis where I received my bachelor’s degree in Cellular Biology.
    I was a long-term substitute for 10 years; I also spent 5 years as a teacher at CYA (California Youth Authority) before coming to Stagg High school. 
    People often ask why I choose to become a teacher. My plan “A” did not work out so I figured I would teach the next generation of scientist, doctors and great thinkers.  I literally played school as a child (quite often), so maybe it was destined!  Either way, I love it! I get to watch students come in my class and blossom and become critical thinkers; and do some cool experiments! Science is not boring and neither am I.  I want my students to be well-rounded thinkers and decent human beings so I play many roles to achieve that goal in my classroom: counselor/therapist, listening ear, nurse, comedian, gentle demander, and trusted mentor.
    I am open and available to discuss any concerns that you or I may have throughout the year. Please feel free to reach out (I am on your team when it comes to your child).