Stacia Greenberg-Ocampo Multimedia Department Head SkillsUSA Advisor

Stacia Greenberg-Ocampo
  • Stacia Greenberg-Ocampo, Stagg High School's Multimedia Department Head and SkillsUSA Advisor, has been an educator since 2019. She began this path as an after school program group leader at Rio Calaveras and a paraprofessional at Victory Elementary School, which then lead her to becoming a teacher in July of 2022. Greenberg-Ocampo graduated from University of the Pacific's Media X program in 2020 with a focus on Video, Audio, and Photography. Though Greenberg-Ocampo appreciates the creative and artistic side of video and audio production, she also has a journalsim background and understands the importance of using those skills to tell stories, real and make-believe. I believe the greatest things a teacher can do is be a role model to their students and leave a positive impact that will last a lifetime.