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    I am one of the art teachers here at Stagg High School. I have been teaching Art for 3 years, and have previously taught Computer Science, Multimedia, English, and Social Studies. I started teaching in Oakland back in 2013. I believe in teaching structured problem-solving processes such as design thinking for creating, designing, and organizing. I am also big on building a strong classroom community to build ideas, and to keep a safe environment for students to explore, fail, and succeed in. To accomplish this, I bring my training of restorative justice from Oakland Unified, and my professional development training of social emotional learning from Stockton Unified. 

  • Mr. Leal's summer message

    I would like all Stagg High students to have a safe and fun summer. I hope to see you all out and around the Stockton community. Please, consider to read for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week this summer to keep your brains sharp!

    Please consider watching and drawing along with the video posted below!

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