• How do I obtain the IB Diploma?

    Being awarded the IB Diploma is dependent on successful completion of specific assessments and examinations during 11th and 12th grades. Receiving the IB Diploma is NOT based on the report card grades that students receive during these years. Students are notified of their scores on IB assessments in July of their senior year.

    The IBO Rules for the Award of the IB Diploma are as follows:

    Assessment of Student Work

    Each of the six subjects that contribute towards the award of the Diploma is assessed on a scale of 1 – 7.

    For Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and the Extended Essay (EE), the grades are on a scale of A to E, with A being the highest.

    Grades are a combination of Internal Assessments, marked by Franklin High School teachers, and External Assessments – exams and other work marked by IB examiners living in various parts of the world. Between twenty and twenty-five percent of the marks in each subject are based on Internal Assessments.

    Each subject counts for a maximum of 7 points, allowing for a total of 42 points (6 courses x 7 points = 42 points). Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay can add a total of 3 points to your IB score, bringing the maximum total to 45. Apart from various failing conditions (described below) a candidate needs 24 points to earn the IB Diploma. Incomplete work in either the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge or in Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) results in making the candidate ineligible for the IB Diploma.

    Predicted Grades:The predicted grade is the teacher’s prediction of the grade the candidate is expected to achieve in the subject (course), based on all the evidence of the student’s work and the teacher’s knowledge of IBO standards. The IBO uses the teachers’ predicted grades to consider the performance of candidates. IB exam grades (scores) and Franklin High School report card grades are not the same.

    Given that IBO exam results are generally released in July of each year, students’ IB Diploma exam grades and overall score are not factored into their report card grades.

    Conditions for the Award of the Diploma

    The minimum number of points needed to get the Diploma is 24. There are some additional rules to be aware of as well.

    If you receive 24 or more points (up to 45), you will receive the IB Diploma provided all the following requirements have been met:

    • Numeric grades (as opposed to an “N”) have been awarded in all six subjects registered for the IB diploma.
    • All CAS requirements have been met.
    • Grades A to E have been awarded for both Theory of Knowledge and an Extended Essay, with a grade of at least D for both of them.
    • There is no grade 1 in any subject.
    • There are no more than two grade 2's awarded.
    • There are no more than three grade 3's or below awarded.
    • At least 12 points have been gained on Higher Level subjects.
    • At least 9 points have been gained on Standard Level subjects.

    Award of the IB Course Certificate

    An IB Diploma candidate who fails to satisfy the requirements for the award of an IB Diploma will be awarded an IB Course Certificate indicating the grades obtained in individual subjects, together with results in Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay and the completion of a CAS program.