• Franklin Athletics No Go Policy for Student Athletes

    Update 4-11-22

    Franklin Athletics No Go Policy

    Franklin Athletics will be enforcing the No Go list starting with the first spring sports contest.  Below are the parameters of the No Go list and how to be removed from it: 

    Students at Franklin HS can be put on a No-Go list for numerous reasons including, but not limited to: tardies, mis-behavior, defiance, etc.

    Once the student has been put on the No Go list, here is the process:


    • First occurrence – example( tardiness, skipping class, unacceptable behavior)- - can participate in practice, however, can’t participate in games. This includes dressing out and sitting on the team bench. During the Student/Athletes three-day clearing process (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), students will be able to attend games when all detentions or community services assigned are completed.
    • Second occurrence-example (Chronic tardiness, chronic skipping class, chronic unacceptable behavior). Students/Athletes - will not be able to practice, suspended two game/meet/event suspension, and  Referred to Counselor for further added intervention
    • Third Occurrence – example (Chronic tardiness, chronic skipping class, chronic unacceptable behavior Student/Athlete-will be scheduled a Parent Conference with Athletic Administrator and placed on Athletic probation.
    • Fourth Occurrence – Student/Athlete will be terminated from their respective team roster and participation privileges from the Student/Athlete Athletic department Program. Parents/Guardians will be given notification.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All student athletes are responsible for checking HERO to see if they have detentions to serve.

    Click link for instructions on how to setup HERO (Creating Student Accounts - Simple Authentication): https://vimeo.com/channels/herobyschoolmint/464356358





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