English-Language Arts (K-6)

  • In English language arts we focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition to reading in school, it is very important that your child continues reads at home.

    • California Treasures Reading Program - This is a family link to our English languages arts curriculum, California Treasures, and offers many resources that can be used to support the curriculum.

Math (K-5)

  • By the third grade, students should be familiar with the operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In order for your child to be successful in math, he/she must have a strong grasp of those operations by the time they reach the intermediate grades. Click here for more ideas on how you can help your child succeed in math.

    • Pearson School - Here is a link to math games provided by our curriculum, envision math. It has various math games you can play with your child to reinforce their math skills.

Social Studies (K-5)

  • Each year, the students learn about a different part of history.

    • CA History-Social Science - This is a link provided by our curriculum, Scott Foresman History-Social Science for California.

Science (K-5)

  • Science is part of our daily life, from cooking to weather. Understanding and experiencing science helps students appreciate and relate to the world around them. Click here for more information on how to help your child improve in science.