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  •  So What Do School Counselors Do?


    Meeting the diverse needs of all of our students is of utmost importance. Our School Counseling Program focuses on the social, emotional, academic, and career development needs of every student.

    The role of a counselor, although oftentimes hard to understand, can be simplified as a support for students, families, and staff. This means the counselor is here to assist with any needs for the student or the family. Programs include the following:

    • Individual Counseling: This can occur in two different formats.

      • "Pep Talks"- These occur as needed to address a temporary need of your student (a grandparent passes away, a friend is being mean, etc.). My goal is to create a safe place to work through problems.

      • Individual Student Planning-Sometimes a student requires one-on-one counseling services in order to work through various difficulties. Topics include anger, stress management, anxiety, academic struggles, in-class behavior, low self-esteem, etc.

    • Group Counseling: Small groups are established as needed for various concerns such as death, divorce, anger, self-esteem, peer relations, etc.

    • Classroom Counseling Lessons: Classroom Counseling Lessons occur one to two times per month. Lesson topics include but are not limited to the following: being a good friend, making appropriate choices, study skills, and living a safe and healthy lifestyle.

    • Immediate Student Support: Sometimes our students have rough days and sometimes a break in a different environment can turn a day around. This occurs as needed.

    • Community Resources:

          • Food

          • Clothing

          • School Supplies

          • Medical/Dental/etc.

          • Housing Information

          • Counseling and Psychotherapy