David Qualls


    My name is David Qualls, a.k.a Mr. Q or just Dave. I will be your child’s teacher of Stagecraft Technology for the coming term consisting of 86 instruction days. A bit about myself. I am married (24 years) and have two kids. My wife is a graphic artist and works in Stockton with social media and marketing. She enjoys the outdoors, photography, and reading. My son graduated from Cal Berkeley in 2021. He lives in San Francisco and has entered a career in Physics doing research and development. He shares my love for music, theater, coffee, and spends his free time singing, traveling, hiking, and bicycling. My daughter is going to be a freshman at Southern Oregon University and will pursue a BFA in Creative Writing. She also enjoys drawing, painting, sewing, theater, and all forms of visual art. My own hobbies include playing, recording and listening to music, baking, all aspects of theater, and traveling with my family. We were lucky enough to get away last July and explore the Oregon and California Coastlines.

    A bit about my experience. This is my sixth year at Chavez, but I have been teaching for a total of 19 years. I have taught everything from English to History, to Music and Theater. I am excited to be building a Stagecraft program here at Chavez and to tie it into our Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) and Career Technology Education (CTE) pathway. As a lifetime supporter of the Arts and an artist myself, I am also excited to open your child’s eyes to possible careers and internship opportunities within the arts community. 

    Your child is acquiring knowledge and skills for a future in the 21st century and we at Chavez have a clear understanding of what will prepare them. That is why my class consists mostly of project-based and small group learning scenarios. They will be graded heavily on class participation and a 21st Century Skills classroom model, which requires that they practice with the 4 C’s, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity. No matter what they decide to do in the future, these skills will be necessary and valuable to them.

    Added to the 3 R’s (Relationship, Rigor and Relevance) from the mission statement, I like to add a 4th; Reflection. As Thomas Paine famously said, “The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.” I hope to see all of our students grow brave.

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