Internships Spring 2023

  • January 4 to February 13 

    For new Interns:

    Your number one goal this during this timeframe is to secure an internship site and get all the paperwork filled out, turned in and your orientation completed. (Must have an internship secured and begun by February 6th to be on track with hours) 

    • Assignments:
      • Resume
      • Signed Syllabus 
      • Pre-Intern Self-Evaluation 
      • Meet Our Interns Slide  - Make sure your picture is professional looking. It could end up on our website. :) 
      • TB Test/Shots Proof
      • HIPAA Certification
      • Once you have secured your internship location....
        • Signed B1-6 - Hard Copy must be turned in
        • Internship/Volunteer Training Agreement - Hard Copy must be turned in

    For continuing Interns:

    • If you are continuing at your Term 1 internship site, you can start your hours immediately. Work with your internship site to establish your new schedule and let Mrs. Gravatt know what it is. You will be required to complete 80 hours, since you have all your other course work completed. After you have completed 80 hours, any additional hours can be used for Community Service. 

    Below is the Spring 2023 Internship Schedule. Sites and interns work out their specific schedule with the goal of achieving 6 to 8 hours a week. Students and sites work together to determine holiday and spring break schedule. A total of 80 hours is needed for the class.

    Week 1                February 27 to March 5

    Week 2                March 6 to March 12 

    Week 3            SPRING BREAK March 13 to March 19    

    Week 4              March 20 to March 26  

    Week 5               March 27 to April 2 


    Week 6               April 3 to April 9 

    Week 7               April 10 to April 16 (Holiday: Monday April 10)

    Week 8              April 17 to April 23 

    Week 9              April 24 to April 30  

    Week 10             May 1 to May 7 


    After May 7, students can do make-up hours if needed, but this time is built into the class for the students to work on their final project for the class. Any hours accumulated over the 80 hours can be used towards Community Service. 

    Weekly Assignments:

    • Ongoing Journal - in Google Doc, record your answers to the following questions on the Journal Template.
    • Time Log: Log your time in HelperHelper
    • Seminar - Every Monday (unless a holiday) then following day-7:30 am to 8:30 am we meet in Mrs. Gravatts portable classroom for Internship Seminar.

    Special Assignments:

    • Week 4: Picture of you at your internship site (outside, in front of the sign, if you're not allowed to take pictures inside) 
    • Week 5: What We've Learned So Far Slide
    • Week 7: Internship Artifact Collection: The world of work comes with its own material culture:  designs, images, logos, colors, letter heads, documents, clothing, interior and exterior designs, machines, desks, rooms and partitions, paperwork and posters.  Take photos of your workplace; collect small items (with permission) that you find unique and representative of your work place.  What sort of collection can you assemble would best depict your workplace world?  Can you show and tell others?  Your collection will be useful when it's time to make your presentations to the community.
    • Week 9: Most Valuable Part of the Internship Slide 
    • Week 10: Site Supervisor Evaluation #1
    • May 1 through May 7
      • Final Site Supervisor Evaluation 
      • Thank You Letter to your Internship Supervisor
      • Reflection Paper (Final Project Part 1) 
      • Visual for Presentation (Final Project Part 3)
      • Presentations to Community/PRN class (Final Project Part 2)
      • Final Project Directions

    Final Project:

    The final project is due May 19, 2023. You MUST have your presentations completed as well as your visual/slides and reflection paper turned in. The final project requires:

    • A Reflection Paper
    • Slides/Visuals for a Presentation
    • A presentation to:   PRN class, or community organization