• Where Are Our Alumni?


    Class of 2015

    • As a Certified Nursing Assistant, Hailey Arruda continues attending school in Santa Rosa to obtain her RN degree. She is preparing to apply for nursing programs in the near future. In her spare time, she is a cheerleading coach for a nearby school.
    • Cassandra Dickerson is fully enjoying being a wife and stay-at-home-mom to her two little boys. When her children are enrolled in school, she plans to return to school to obtain a degree in child development with the intent of opening an in-home daycare.
    • Keirsten Gaines moved to southern California after graduating in 2015. She is in her last year at Biola University majoring in communication sciences and disorders.
    • Natalie Gomez has graduated from a vocational/technical school for medical assisting. She is now studying for her board exams so she can pursue her dream of working as an RMA in a correctional facility. Her daughter is now 4 years old and is thriving at preschool.
    • Gabriel Mayfield has been diligently working in "the real world" holding multiple jobs at the same time. His jobs include working at Jack in the Box, Starbucks, LeTote, Joe's Crab Shack, and Red Robin. Currently, he is working at BBVA as a financial sales advisor. He is also modeling and acting in his free time. You might have seen him in Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why
    • Dolores Servin is a Night Supervisor at the Children's Home of Stockton. After having finished her degree in Sociology from CSU Stanislaus, Dolores decided to enter the workforce and works to care for at-risk youth with mental health concerns. Her goal is to return to school and find a career in the health field soon. 
    • Jovo Velasco has since graduated from UC Merced with a degree in Public Health and a Masters Degree in Health Administration from USC. While maintaining residency in Stockton, Jovo travels in and out of the state working as a Regional Event Oversight Administrator as a site leader for multiple clinical events relating to COVID. 
    • Linda Zaro attended CSU Chico and graduated with a degree in Health Administration. She is currently working as an Outcomes Analyst in the department of Effectiveness and Analytics for Stanford Children's Hospital. 

    Class of 2016

    • Marlene Andrade obtained two Associates Degrees during her time at San Joaquin Delta College. Currently, she is attending UC Davis and working as a student assistant in the Psychology department in addition to working as a research assistant in the phonetics lab for the linguistics department.
    • Jessica Avalos graduated from UOP in 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Health and Exercise Science. Soon after, she returned to UOP to pursue a Master's degree in Biological Sciences. Her anticipated graduation date is in 2022. Currently, she is working as an Anatomy Lab Assistant while continuing to research marine mammals.
    • After finishing at HCA, Marie Cordero traveled to Davao City, Philippines, where she is attending the Davao Medical School Foundation. With an anticipated graduation date of 2021, Marie will graduate with a BS in Nursing. She has applied what she learned at HCA, especially the skills part when going on duty. She will soon start rotations at the school hospital, and then move into more difficult situations at a government hospital. 
    • After graduating, Lexus Cortes chose to enter the workforce immediately. After a year of working at Dollar General, she is now working as an electrician for a power factory. At this moment, she is moving up and training as a supervisor, which also includes being granted a company vehicle.
    • Bridget Duran is pursuing a degree in journalism at California State University, Sacramento. She continues to study while working as a shift manager at Del Taco. "I didn't pursue the health care life, but I carry what I learned at HCA every day. It has helped me through classes such as kinesiology, science, and even English! It has also helped me in my everyday life whenever I had to assist my family in hospitals and so on." 
    • Cynthia Franco is attending California State University, San Jose. She is working towards a BA in anthropology with a minor is forensic studies.
    • Makaila Genilla graduated from UC Irvine in 2019 with a Bachelor's in Education Sciences. She has recently moved back to Stockton to work for Changeist, which brings high school and middle school students together to promote civic engagement in our youth. She is currently deciding on returning to school and entering as a school psychology major.
    • Jessica Lewis is a combat Medic in the United States Army. She acts as a first responder by treating soldiers when they are injured or ill. She also assists with COVID vaccine clinics. In her free time, she continues to pursue her other love of photography and hopes to become a full-time photographer after she completes her time in the military. 
    • Malia Maningo is finishing at University of South Florida, majoring in biological health sciences with a minor in anthropology. She has joined a grad study project using a "body farm" that allows the department to study the human decomposition process with different variables in hopes of developing more specific and accurate measures for the time of death. She continues fostering her love of sea life by working part-time at an aquarium. 
    • Raul "Danny" Martinez works diligently as a sheriff cadet for the San Joaquin County Sherriff's Office. He intends on enrolling in the police academy once he has finished his degree in communications from the University of the Pacific. His expected graduation date is 2020.
    • In May 2020 Rukhsar Shiraz will graduate from the University of the Pacific. While attending college, she had the ambition to work in the Alumni House and the University Archives Office. Rukhsar will continue pursuing her passion for history as she continues to achieve her goal to be a scholar of the history of medicine. In addition to studying and working, Rukhsar has been very involved with Pacific's CIP program. Her dreams of receiving a Fullbright scholarship to continue attending school is something she hopes to achieve as she begins submitting her paperwork.
    • Now the youngest manager in Northern California for Restoration Hardware, Ezequiel Soto Soto is proving he is an asset to his company. While working, he continues to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Stanislaus. He will graduate in 2020.
    • Teresa Torres de Jesus has found her passion in medical assisting since completing her CNA coursework and state exam. Currently, she is working at the CHCF prison in Stockton as a CNA, making a great salary and enjoying every minute of it. She is thankful for her time at HCA which helped prepare her for the working world and credits her success to the training and opportunities she had while attending high school.

    Class of 2017

    • Sarah Bustamante graduated in May 2022 from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Her plan is to apply for a Masters program in Mental Health and Counseling. Professionally, Sarah is working full-time for Ruffalo Noel Levitz supporting college students.
    • Since graduating from HCA, Stephanie Castro attended San Joaquin Delta College full-time and worked part-time. After receiving her AA, she transferred this year and is excitedly attending California State University Monterey Bay, where she is pursuing a degree in elementary education. 
    • Jorge DelToro is doing some amazing things while attending UC Santa Cruz. He is working diligently to take action and create a change in the healthcare system to improve affordability and sustainability.He is actively engaging in social change campaigns and has also been planning and attending conferences in the Santa Cruz area. In his spare time he has written articles and journals to make political, social, and economic information easily accessible. Finally, he is participating in the planning committee for UCSC's Practical Activism Conference. In the future, Jorge plans to continue studying law while pursuing his passion for writing for political activism journals.
    • Estefany Escobar earned her Certified Medical Assistant Certificate in 2018. She began working in San Francisco as a Medical Assistant thereafter. In 2019 she returned to Stockton and began attending Delta College and obtained her Associate's degrees in Arts, Humanities, and Social Science and Spanish. She is currently working as an assistant in a counseling facility.
    • Marlene Gonzalez Raya chose to attend Carrington College after HCA. She successfully earned a certificate in Medical Assisting. Shortly after, she worked as a MA in a pediatric clinic. Today, she is working as a Veterinary Technician for Geisart Animal Hospital. She is considering entering school again to further her studies for Medical Assisting or changing and pursuing a Veterinarian Technician certificate.
    • Ian Heggen finished his schooling at UOP, graduating with two degrees in Business Administration and Applied Economics. He is currently flipping houses as a self-employed entrepreneur. In his spare time, he has bought his own residence with his boyfriend and is living happily in Sacramento.
    • Janette Magana is attending San Joaquin Delta College majoring in Spanish. She has been able to use her bilingual skills within a professional setting, working at the YMCA and at Walgreens in order to earn money while taking classes. Her long-term goal is to transfer to California State University Stanislaus to pursue a career in teaching high school Spanish.
    • Ana Oseguera Gomez is planning on pursuing her Juris Doctor degree after having received her Bachelor's from UC Berkeley with a double major in Political Science and History. Ana is currently working at UC Berkeley as a Research Administrator and HR Generalist.
    • After graduating in 2017, Umme Raza continued her education and is currently studying to obtain a degree in business. She is working for a thriving financial firm in the San Joaquin county and plans to expand her business to Stockton soon. Her personal endeavors include buying her first home and planning her wedding!
    • Jennifer Romero is attending UC Santa Barbara with a double major in history of public policy and law and sociology. She wishes that in the future she will be able to pursue a Juris Doctor degree and specialize in public health law.
    • After HCA, Maria Solorio Perez attended San Joaquin Delta College, taking coursework to fulfill her general education requirements. During that time, she played basketball and softball. She was accepted to the school of business at Dominican University, majoring in International Business. After graduation, she plans on joining the US Marine Corps. 
    • Deitra Stevens is working to graduate with a degree in health science/health administration from California State University, Sacramento. Though her program is impacted, she is determined to finish and achieve her goals. In addition to school, Deitra is job shadowing a CEO of a health insurance company.

    Class of 2018

    • Stephanie Calixto went right to work for Amazon after graduating from HCA. After a year of being in the work world, she decided to join the National Guard and spent time in South Carolina and Virginia for training. She is an Automated Logistics Specialist now. Currently, she is back home attending Delta College pursuing a degree in business with the intent of earning a logistics and transportation certificate.
    • Roselinda Kuoch is in her 4th year of school at UCLA and is working to obtain a degree in Psychobiology with a minor in Global Health. She plans to become a Physician's Assistant. In her spare time, Roselinda volunteers at the UCLA Ronald Reagan hospital. She hopes to find a job as a phlebotomist or medical assistant in her gap year between finishing school and working towards her next degree. 
    • Seven Nasir is working at Pepsi as a Tasking Coordinator and is delving into returning to school to find a career in the medical field.
    • Simran Prasad is currently enjoying working in senior care as the activities assistant for Hampton Care Center.  
    • Alena Ruiz is spending her time working at a daycare for children with special needs. In addition, she is taking coursework at San Joaquin Delta College to fulfill the requirements to apply for nursing school at a university.
    • Dao Vang is attending California State University East Bay, majoring in Biology with a minor in Psychology, with the hope of becoming a Neuropsychologist. Dao is also a certified registered behavioral psychologist working as a therapist for children with autism, providing in-home and on-site therapy.

    Class of 2019

    • Kimberly Bongo attends UCLA as a Biochemistry major. She hopes to pursue a Master's degree in the same major soon. 
    • Emily Silcocks is a mechanic in the United States Airforce. She serves as the Crew Chief of B1 Aircraft Maintenance. 

    Class of 2020

    • Jeff Balmores is attending Delta College as a nursing student. 
    • Jessica Bisarra works as an OR Technician for Zeiter Eye Surgical Center in Stockton. This has led her to pursue a passion for Ophthalmology with the hope of becoming an ophthalmic surgeon in the future.
    • Brissa Collins Quemma is attending Arizona State University and working as a Starbucks Barista.
    • Jorge Jaime-Aguilar is currently saving for college by working at a Costco Warehouse. He is attending Delta College with the end goal of working in a clinic one day.
    • Marycruz Olivares attended Delta College and became certified in Medical Administration. She transferred to Carrington College in August 2021 to begin the Medical Assisting program. She is serving in an externship at Concentra Urgent Care and is continuing to study for her Medical Assisting Certification. 
    • Daisy Ramirez attended Delta College pursuing the Radiology Technician Program. She transferred to Merced College shortly after and is still on track to become a Radiology Tech. She works at an Amazon Warehouse in the meantime.
    • Flor Valencia Espinoza works at Amazon and Cepheid, which is a company related to the medical field. She plans to apply to college in the future.
    • Nittaya Vang attends University of the Pacific as a full-time student and is working on obtaining a degree in Health, Exercise and Sport Science. She also works as an Amazon associate.
    • Gabriella Worrell is currently attending Delta College with the hope of entering nursing school. She has completed an EMT program from Bradord College of Nursing and is in the process of taking her exam to obtain her license. She works for FedEx freight as a forklift operator.
    • Prince Yang is attending Delta College and plans to attend CSU Sacramento in the future. He is working towards finishing the nursing program and hopes to move on to obtain his BSN in the future. 

    Class of 2021

    • Samantha Castillo is in the Army National Guard and is a certified EMT. She is currently seeking job opportunities in a related field.
    • Sacy Lopez Flores attends UC Berkeley, majoring in Molecular Cell Biology. She works at the Athletic Ticket Office assisting with ticket sales to all major sporting events at the college. She also spends her time in a chemistry research group making chemical schemes.
    • Jennifer Medina is working in deliveries for Shipt and is majoring in Biological Sciences. 




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