About the Teacher

  • Heidy Zeller



    My name is Mrs. Zeller. This school year I'm teaching Spanish 2 (1st term), Spanish 2 for Native Speakers (1st term and 2nd term), and Spanish 3 for Patient Care (2nd term). I also work with students to prepare them for the AP Spanish Language and Culture test and I'm the Spanish club advisor. My education background is BA in Psychology - Universidad del Norte (Colombia), M.Ed in Educational Technology - Universidad de Salamanca (Spain), ELE certificated (Spanish as a Second Language) - Universidad de la Rioja (Spain), and Single Subject Credential in Spanish - TCSJ (Teachers College of San Joaquin).  I'm also certified as a Medical Interpreter through APEX and Delta college and as a Medical Interpreter Instructor through APEX. I have been teaching for 20 years. This is my 7th year in SUSD and 6th year as a full time teacher at HCA. I'm honored to be working at HCA and contribute to its mission.

    I have had the opportunity to travel, work, and live in several countries, which gives me a broad spectrum of language usage and cultural perspectives. I want to bring all my background and experience to HCA to motivate my students to learn Spanish and be more sensitive to diversity. My goal is to help my students to be ready for college and a more competitive force in society for jobs, specially in the health care industry. Nowadays, Spanish is the second most commonly language spoken in the world, so knowing Spanish opens many possibilities. I also want to encourage students with Hispanic heritage to maintain their language, traditions, reinforce language skills, and promote their culture.

    Students will be immerse in opportunities to read, write, listen, speak in Spanish, and think critically about Hispanic culture and traditions through three modes of communication: interpersonal interpretive, and presentational. Students are expected to practice everyday at home, but not limited to homework and assignments. Students should listed to audio clips, review textbook, Cornell notes, record their voices, and maintain a notebook or binder. Students also are encouraged to include Spanish in their leisure time such as listen to music, watch TV shows and movies, play games, and have interactions with friends and family in Spanish.

    Have a successful school year!