About the Teacher

  • Whitney Ramirez





    I am so very excited about this year and teaching your AMAZING student!! 

    I am very passionate about this generation, I firmly believe that our Stockton high school students are the treasures of this city. I believe that if we invest in their futures and encourage them to dream big they will truly change this world for the better. Your student is already a world changer, and hope to do my best to help them find their passion and to reach for the stars. Before I started working as a teacher at Health Careers Academy I volunteered on this campus for three years. I worked with Restore Stockton connecting HCA students with elementary students in an incredible program called G.E.T. Mentoring. HCA has a very special place in my heart and I am thrilled to now be able to teach your student. I have worked as a professional photographer for over 10 years and attended Brooks Institute of Photography. I am excited to share my knowledge about the business world and my creativity with your student.



  • Google Classroom: 

    1st and 2nd Medical Office

    5th and 6th Medical Office

    Digital Media

    EverFi - Financial Literacy

    Login to your Everfi account, and add the following code to your dashboard to get the Financial Literacy curriculum. If you do not have an EverFi account, go to EverFi.com/register and follow the instructions there. 

    Period 1 Code: 7fde347a

    Period 2 Code: 1bbb5354

    Period 5 Code: 4683af64

    Period 6 Code: 776d6430

    Period 7 Code: 6bfb4bbd