Help young people practice for a Job Interview

  • Time for the HCA Mock Interviews!

    Wednesday, April 12, 2023


    Since its inception, Health Careers Academy has been intent on providing real-world work based learning experiences for our students! For the past six years, we have been able to provide Mock Interviews to our students. These can only be accomplished through the support of our community.  Mock Interviews are scheduled for Wednesday, April 12 this school year. Would you please consider being a part of this wonderful experience?

    In February of 2023, you will be able to begin registering for the event. It is as simple as filling out an online form. You will see a link below which will allow you to electronically select your availability  to assist.  For this year’s 10th grade class we need approximately 30 interviewers in each time slot in order for us to have a meaningful experience for the students. Confirmation and further instructions will be sent out by April 1, so please block out the time on your calendar that you have signed up for.                                                                                  

    Register To Be A Mock Interviewer


    If this doesn’t fit into your schedule, or if you think of someone who would love this opportunity, can you please pass this opportunity on to them? 

  • Thank you for allowing me and my colleagues to participate in such a wonderful program as the Mock Interviews.  The students were absolutely amazing and so far ahead of others students their same age.  I was truly inspired by their knowledge, questions, goals and enthusiasm.  I think I got more out of the mock interviews than they did.

    Judy Mitzel, Stockton Area Manager
    Bank of the West

    I really enjoyed my experience the last two days doing the mock interviews.  I run a prevention program for Probation and it was so refreshing to talk to youth who are motivated and want to succeed.  Sometimes we forget that these kind of youth are out there trying to get ahead.  Please put me down for next year.  I very much would like to participate again.

    Stephanie Watt, Supervisor
    San Joaquin County Probation

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    Confirmation Emails will be sent out the week of April 1.

    Please mark your calendars for the time(s) you signed up for.