Mentor an HCA Student

  • Help guide a young person
    to find their passion for a health career


    • An interest in youth development
    • A passion about your career
    • Sincere desire to support the personal and professional goals of another person
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Openness to learning
    • Sensitivity to people of different backgrounds
    • A year’s commitment of student contact of at least twice a month
    • Watch the Mentor Orientation video
    • Complete a Mentor Interest Form
    • Pass a background check, including finger printing



    About Mentoring

    The Health Careers Academy Mentoring Program is offered to help students adjust to new rigors of high school and flourish as they prepare for their education and career.  The HCA Mentoring Program facilitates opportunities throughout the year for students to meet with their Mentors and engage in activities that promote a solid psychological foundation and offer a time to talk about today and the future.

    How it Works – Getting Started

    • Before being matched with a Mentee, Mentors must attend a Mentor Training, fill out the volunteer application at Be A Mentor, complete District fingerprinting requirements and take a TB Risk Assessment or submit a valid TB Test Reading. 
    • Each student is matched with a volunteer Mentor. Mentees and Mentors receive match notifications, complete with contact information.  

    Plan a Meeting and Establish Goals

    • Getting together for a meeting is the best way for Mentors and Mentees to get to know each other.   Mentors and Mentees should think about what they hope to gain from their participation in the HCA Mentor Program.  Worksheets are available and will help Mentees/Mentors to begin thinking about goals and expectations for the semester (year).

    Stay Connected

    • HCA can facilitate activities that will help the mentor and mentee connect.  HCA will provide some resources that will help Mentees/Mentors to begin conversations about academics and careers.

    Follow Through

    • After a match has been made, it is up to the Mentor and Mentee to schedule their time together.  Those who get the most out of the program are those who maintain regular contact throughout the year.  The smallest attempts at communicating go a very long way. 

Mentor Training Video


    Have you finished watching the training video?
    Please complete the survey to let us know

    We will contact you as soon as possible about the next steps of the process and matching you with a student! 

    If you have any questions, please contact Maxine Areida at (209) 933-7360 or