Xello Login


    Xello helps every student, regardless of background, ability, or pathway, understand their future academic and career possibilities. Xello helps students discover relevant college, university, trade, and career options based on their personality, skills, and knowledge.

    How to log in:  Xello login (using your Google sign-in) 

    How to request transcripts:

    1. From their Student Dashboard, under Goals & Plans, students click College Planning.
    2. Under College Applications, they select the institution to which they’d like their transcript sent.
    3. Under the Application Checklist, they find Transcript.
    4. To the right, they click Request.
      • A banner at the top of the screen will indicate the request was sent.


    Helpful Link: https://help.xello.world/article/1604-students-request-transcript

Last Modified on July 16, 2021