• Sonja Gatling




    My name is Sonja Gatling some students call me Ms. G. I’ve been known to be a no-nonsense, but fun teacher. I’ve been teaching high school since five years after the new millennium started, before that I was a Corporate Medical Assistant Trainer for Planned Parenthood and LabCorp, yes I did them simultaneously.  


    I live on Grande Macha green tea, lesson planning and it’s my mission to flip the script on distance vs in person learning, it doesn’t have to be boring or hard. It’s all in your perspective.  Everything’s about choices… There’s always two perspectives. There’s the Truth and then there’s the Dare.


    The Truth

    I’m crazy passionate about the Medical field and all the opportunities that are present for our students. Medical Assisting, RN, NP, PA. or MD etc., whichever one they choose I know they will rock it!


    The Dare

    There’s no doubt we live in a digital era where students are challenged with the newest technical gadget. Whether it’s a cell phone, zspace laptop or the computer software called SimChart. We as educator’s have to meet them half way if our goal is for them to succeed.


    In my classes, I hope to encourage teamwork, and personal growth. This includes Health Careers and Medical Assisting. I will promote the power of decision making and goal setting as life skills and educate students on the importance of patent self-care. I believe in the value of arming students with practical, lifelong health skills, which cross over subject matter and develop character.


    Sonja Gatling

    Medical Assistant Health Academy Teacher

    Weber Institute of Applied Sciences & Technology

    Go Dragons!