• Need Help Applying to SJDC as a First Time College Student?

    Whether it's a certificate, degree or preparing to transfer to another post-secondary institution, we are confident Delta College is a great first choice college to help you pursue your academic goals. Follow the 6 steps below to become a Delta Student.


    Steps to Apply
    1. Apply Online
    • Click here to complete the online application for admission. If you have questions or need more information, please contact the  Admissions & Records Office via email or via chat!

    2. Access Your MyDelta Portal and Delta Email
    • After submitting your Application for Admission, you will receive a "Welcome to Delta" email to the email you used on the application. The welcome email will include your Delta College Student ID number.

      Once you receive this email, you can use your new Student ID number to login to your MyDelta portal and find your Delta College Email Address.

      To Login to MyDelta:

      1. Go to the MyDelta Portal

      2. Your username is the Delta College Student ID number that was included in the email.

      3. Your password is SJdc! plus your 6 digit birthdate 
        • Example: If your birthdate is 06/04/1995 your password is SJdc!060495
          Passwords are case sensitive ("S" and "J" must be capitalized) 

      Once you're logged in to MyDelta, go to Profile > Contact Details to see your new Delta College email address. Moving forward, this will be the only email address used to contact you.

      Need help? Read our directions on how to access your Email.

    3. Apply for Financial Aid
    • There are a wide variety of Financial Aid programs to help you with your educational costs. You could qualify for thousands of dollars in Financial Aid.

      • More people qualify than you think
      • It takes less than 30 minutes to complete
      • Apply today!
    4. Placement
    • As a new student, Delta will use your high school information, listed below, to determine your English and Math placement.

      • Your high school status
      • Cumulative GPA
      • Math courses and grades


    5. Attend Orientation & Counseling
    • You need to complete an Orientation, also known as a New Student Group Advising (NSGA) Session and an Abbreviated Student Education Plan (ASEP). The best part is that you'll get to connect with counselors and start feeling like a Delta College student! You will also come away with a first-semester course plan.

      There are two options available:

      1. In-person NSGA Session or
      2. Online NSGA Session + an In-person ASEP meeting with a Counselor
        (this completes one of the requirements for receiving priority registration)
    6. Register/Sign-Up for Classes
    • Registration is conducted online.

      • You may register for classes on or after your scheduled registration date and time, but not before.
      • Past fees and/or Administrative and Academic Holds must be cleared prior to registration.

Watch this video for a step by step guide!

  • Tips for Applying

    • If you have a Social Security Number be sure to put it in with no dashes, type in numbers only (don't forget to click the bubble that says Social Security Number on the top)
    • If you do not have a Social Security Number just click that you do not have one on the little box towards to bottom of the page. 
    • Make sure when using an email you use an email that is not your .org (Edison) email.
    • Be sure to remember/write down the username and password that you create for yourself when you get to that point.
    • If you would like to take a picture of the CCCID feel free but remember this is something different than your Delta ID (CCC Apply is a website that allows for you to apply to any California Community College and this is an ID that shows that you have set up an account for this website).
    • Be sure to put the correct enrollment status saying you are a first time college student and you are graduating May 26th, 2021.
    • Please be sure to input your most updated transcript info.
    • When selecting the college please look for San Joaquin Delta College (takes awhile to find it but it is there).
    • Please put Fall 2020 for enrollment and select a major (do not choose undecided, even if you are, just choose something that you are interested in).