• AVID is not just another program
    at its heart, AVID is a philosophy.

    Hold students accountable to the highest standards,
        provide academic and social support,
     and they will rise to the challenge.


    On March 17, 2015, Edison was named a National AVID Demonstration School, and continues to be certified.


    AVID National Demonstration Schools are exemplary models of the AVID College Readiness System.

    Demonstration Schools undergo a rigorous validation process and are required to be revalidated every few years to ensure high levels of implementation, with quality and fidelity to AVID strategies schoolwide.

    Schools and districts interested in implementing AVID, or expanding AVID in their districts or at their schools, can arrange to visit a National Demonstration School and experience a highly successful AVID System in action. At an AVID National Demonstration School, visitors can observe:

    • AVID as a schoolwide approach to college readiness

    • Evidence of student achievement schoolwide

    • Strong and committed leadership to college readiness for all students at both school and district levels

    • A center of learning for AVID best practices schoolwide

    • A committed team of trained AVID educators dedicated to successful implementation of the AVID College Readiness System for all students

    • Models for excellent inquiry-based AVID tutorials—both in the AVID Elective and, in some schools, selected content classrooms

    • A showplace of the commitment and synergy that a strong AVID System creates for schoolwide college readiness

  • Our AVID teachers!

    Maxine Funk

    Andre Horace

    Michael Mandujan

    Patrick Miller

    Christina Mitchell

    Ryan Carter

    Yvonne Estrada

    Oscar Lopez

    Bree Schrock

    Angelo Sandoval

    Nikkole Scruggs