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    Cal Grant is a financial aid program administrated by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) providing aid to California undergraduates, vocational training students, and those in teacher certification programs. Cal Grants are the largest source of California state-funded student financial aid.

    Cal Grant gives funds to students who meet grade point average parent income requirements. Up to $12,630 a year is available to qualifying students which can be applied to tuition, room and board, or books and other supplies. Cal Grant applicants must file FAFSA or California Dream Application between October 1 and March 2 each year, along with the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form. (Source:

    ** Cal Grants can only be used at any University or Community College in California. 


    There are 3 types of Cal Grants:

    Cal Grant A:

    - You must have a 3.0 GPA

    - Will help pay for tuition and fees at two and four-year colleges; Award coverage is up to 4 years!

    - Award amounts vary by type of college — for 2018-2019, Cal Grants are up to $12,570 at a University of California campus, up to $5,742 at a California State University campus, and up to $9,084 at independent colleges. 

    Cal Grant B:

    You must have at least a 2.0 GPA

    - Provides a living allowance of up to $1,672, in addition to tuition and fee assistance after the first year, at a two- or four-year colleges

    - Pays most first-year students a living allowance only, which may be used to pay living expenses, books, supplies, and transportation, as well as tuition and fees

    - When renewed or awarded beyond your first year, you’ll receive the living allowance as well as a tuition and fee award (up to $12,570 at a UC campus, up to $5,742 at a CSU campus and up to $9,084 at independent colleges for 2018-2019)

    Cal Grant C:

    Assists with the costs of a technical or career education

    - Provides up to $1,094 for books, tools and equipment—and up to $2,462 more for tuition and fees if you’ll be attending a school other than a California Community College (community colleges don’t charge tuition and your fees will be waived as a Cal Grant recipient)

    - Is available for up to two years

    - It is encouraged to submit a GPA Verification Form because it can only help your chances of receiving an award


    Cal Grant FAQ


Last Modified on August 4, 2020