ACT Team

  • ACT Team (Academic Center for the Talented)

    The ACT Team is a Specialty Program for high achieving students in grades 4th - 8th.  Formerly a magnet program, the ACT Team Program academically challenges students in all subjects through project-based instruction.  In grades 4th - 6th, students are grouped by grade level and rotate 3 times during the school day.  Students receive ELA and Social Studies in one class, an advanced Science program in their second class, and Mathematics in their last class.  In the Middle School program, students rotate through classes, receiving advanced ELA instruction, AVID, Pre-Algebra or Algebra, Science, Social Studies, and PE.

    Students who have completed the entire ACT Team program have successfully gone on to Specialty high schools such as SECA, the IB Program at Franklin HS, Health Careers Academy, and Edison HS-STEM Academy.  Since its inception, many former ACT Team students have gone on to the top universities in the U.S., including UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, UC Davis, USC, and others.

    In addition to the academic benefits of enrollment in the ACT Team, students in the ACT Team participate in the following clubs and activities:  Chess Club, Science Olympiad, Salmon in the Classroom Program, Science Camp, the Washington D.C. Tour, and the Ballet Folklorico de Hazelton, to name a few.

    ACT Team Hosts "Science Museum"

    Science teacher Mr. Balderston is hosting his annual Science Museum in Room C5.  Hazelton classes are invited to view the many science displays as ACT Team students explain to visiting students what they have learned during the school year.  See photos below.

    Science M 1  Science M 2  Science M 3  Science M 4  Science M 6  Science M 5  Science M 7  Science M 7  Science M 9  Science M 10  Science M 11  Science M 12  Science M 13  Science M 14


    Science Olympiad

    Lead by Science teacher Mr. Balderston, Hazelton tradionally participates in the San Joaquin County Regional Science Olympiad competition.

    Team  Competition  Mr. B birthday  Mr. B's Birthday


    Chess Tournaments

    Lead by Science teacher Mr. Balderston, 20 ACT Team students participated in the regional Chess Tournament held at St. Luke's School on Friday, November 17th. Many Hazelton students won 1st and 2nd place trophies!  Hazelton students comprised 1/4 of all the participants at the Chess Tournament!  See event pictures below.

    Pic 1  Pic 2

    Pic 3  Pic 4

    Pic 5  Pic 6

    Pic 7  Pic 8


    Snappy the Turtle

    Snappy the turtle is still alive and kicking in the ACT Team, even after 25 years, thanks primarily to Science teacher Mr. Balderston.  According to Mr. Balderston, although Snappy is legendary, he still doesn't know know how to drive!  Mr. B, as he is known to his current and former students, says that any former student who doesn't believe that Snappy is alive and well is welcome to come visit and see for themselves, because seeing is believing!



    Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017

    ACT Team students observed, recorded, and wrote about the famous Solar Eclipse in August 2017.  Below are some of the pictures of students engaged in scientific learning.

    Eclipse 1  Eclipse 2  

    Eclipse 3  Eclipse 4


    Super Moon Viewing - December 5, 2017

    ACT Team students observed the Super Moon, which first occurred on December 3rd.  "Supermoons happen when a full moon approximately coincides with the moon's perigee, or a point in its orbit at which it is closest to Earth."

    supermoon 1  supermoon 2  supermoon 3  supermoon 4  supermoon 5  supermoon 6


    Boa Constrictors - January 2018

    ACT Team students are observing and learning about the habitat and behavior of the two Boa Constrictors that Mr. Balderston has brought into the science classroom.  Although there are 10 different subspecies of boas, they are generally found throughout North, Central, and South America.  The boa constrictors that are in the ACT Team classroom are about 3 feet long.  They tend to be very dormant during the day.  To learn more about Boa Constrictors, CLICK HERE

    Boa 1  Boa 2