Ms. Stoner
  • Hello and welcome!

    I have been a teacher in the district since 2011, and at Stagg since 2014. I teach English 1, the AVID elective, and am the current AVID Coordinator on campus, and co-advisor to our GSA with Ms. Denning.

    I have a rather spiffy website you can visit to find all the information you need about my classes and how to contact me in case you wish to speak.  Feel free to visit and drop me a line any time!  

    Ms Stoner's Class

    All class activities and grades can be found in your respective Google Classrooms.  If you are a parent or guardian, please either send me your email or include it in your child's Google Classroom, so I can create access for you to view your student's work.

    Thank you so much!  Stay safe and healthy!  :)


    Ms. Mary Stoner

    English 1/AVID Elective/AVID Coordinator