• Services

  • Responsive Services

    We are a part of the Crisis Response Team at Fillmore Elementary.


Student and Coordinator
  • SAP Coordinator

    Student Assistance Program, which means helping students get the help they need by working with other student support staff, teachers, and families.  Includes CARE Team and SSTs.

Students at Table
  • Individual and Group Counseling

    We provide short-term, goal and solution focused counseling for students one-on-one and in groups.

  • PLUS Advisors

    We are both advisors for the Peer Leaders Uniting Students team, which is a team of 7-8 graders who help solve our school's problems by being active, positive students.

Class Presentation
  • Classroom Presentations

    Every month, we go into each of our grade level classrooms and provide a social emotional learning, academic, or college and career lesson.

I in Kind
  • School-Wide Activities

    We help plan and put on most of the school activities by working with teachers, staff, and administrators.