Grade-Level Events

  • Fillmore's Winter Program - December 21, 2023

    Below are the links to the Winter Program grade-level performances.  Not all grade level performances have been posted.  Please check back during the week of December 25th.

    SDC (Mrs. Juarez, Mrs. Taylor) - CLICK HERE

    Kindergarten - CLICK HERE

    SDC (Mrs. Navarrete, Mr. Lopez) - CLICK HERE

    1st Grade - CLICK HERE

    2nd Grade - CLICK HERE   and CLICK HERE

    3rd Grade - CLICK HERE

    4th Grade - CLICK HERE

    5th Grade - CLICK HERE

    6th Grade - CLICK HERE

    PLUS Students - CLICK HERE

    Mr. Walejko - 8th Grade Students Create Solar System Displays!

    During the month of September, 8th grade students created Solar System displays to demonstrate their learning in their science class with Mr. Walejko.  See below to see some of their creative and colorful displays!

    Walejko 1

    Walejko 2

    Walejko 3  

    Walejko 4  Walejko 5

    Walejko 6  Walejko 7

    Walejko 8  Walejko 9

    Walejko 10  Walejko 11