Mr. Hernandez

  • LHernandez

Assistant Principal

  • July 19, 2022 

    Dear Fillmore Parents and Students,

    As your assistant principal, I look forward to the return of our new and returning students.  I hope this new school year will be exciting and full of new enriching experiences for your child.

    As always, I will continue to keep all parents informed of the latest school news with near daily postings on Fillmore's website, our phone messaging system, and our school marquee.

    I will also continue to provide support to our parents as well, particularly with our ELAC and PTA parent committees.  Over the last three years, many of our parents have also met with me in my office seeking support for their child's academic and behavior concerns.  Please do not hesitate to request a meeting to resolve a problem.  I am bilingual and committed to serving you.


    Mr. Larry Hernandez