Project Lead the Way

  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW) provides engineering curriculum for middle school students that challenge, inspire, and offer schools variety and flexibility. Students get rigorous and relevant experiences through activities, projects, and problem-based learning. They use industry-leading technology to solve problems while gaining skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Students use structured approaches like the engineering design process to become problem solvers. They discover that trying different approaches and solutions is an essential part of the learning process.


    PLTW Programs

    • Launch - A hands-on STEM curriculum that is all about problem-solving and learning to think creatively for students in grade K-5.
    • Gateway - Builds on the Launch curriculum and introduces robotics and automation and is for students in grades 6-8.

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    Mr. Tomas's PLTW Class Creates Windmills!

    Fillmore is a Project Lead the Way school and Mr. Tomas's Middle School elective class began creating electric powered windmills shortly before Spring Break.  Mr. Tomas described the project as follows:  "Students are learning about alternative energy systems. Students built a windmill by creating blades, and putting together the base and nacelle. Students will continue to test their windmills in groups."  See a few examples below:

    Windmill 1

    Windmill 2

    Windmill 3


    Mr. Camargo's 6th Grade Students Create Robo Challenge!

    Fillmore is a Project Lead The Way school (PLTW) and Mr. Camargo, 6th grade teacher, had his students assemble robotic vehicles for the Robo Challenge!  See photos below.

    Camargo 1  Camargo 2  Camargo 3  Camargo 4  Camargo 5  Camargo 6  Camargo 7  Camargo 8  Camargo 9  Camargo 10

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