School-wide Rules

    • Listen to and respect all adults and students.
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    • Use polite and kind words.
    • Arrive at school promptly, prepared to learn, and no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of school.
    • Balls, toys or other personal game paraphernalia are NOT allowed at school.

Playground Rules

    • Freeze when the bell rings.
    • Walk to your line when yard duty and noon duty teachers blow their whistle.
    • Use all play equipment and balls appropriately.
    • Students must stay in designated play areas. Students are not allowed past portable 33 and the teacher's parking lot.
    • Students must get teacher/staff permission before leaving playground area.
    • Snack and popcorn must be eaten in the designated area. All garbage must be thrown away in the trash.
    • All games must be played correctly and follow the specific rules of that game.
    • No football or any contact games (such as tag) are allowed.

Hallway Rules

    • Walk at all time. Running in the hallway is not allowed.
    • Always have a hall pass.
    • Walk around the yellow safety lines by doorways.
    • Walk quietly and do not disturb other classes and students.

Cafeteria Rules

    • Walk quietly into the cafeteria.
    • Eat lunch with your best manners.
    • Food and drinks must stay in the cafeteria.
    • Classes are expected to clean up before being dismissed.