Dress Code

  • Condition and Wear of Clothing:

    • Nothing that distracts or poses a safety hazard
    • No holes, rips, or tears in your clothes (even if you bought them that way)
    • CLOTHES MUST FIT. They may not be excessively tight or baggie


    • No clothing that can pose a safety problem
    • No jewelry or chains that can cause injury (this includes hanging chains on wallets/pants


    • Shirts must cover the upper and middle torso at all times
    • Shirttail and T-shirt lengths must not extend below the hands
    • Skirts must cover the lower torso with no skin showing between top and skirt
    • Skirts and dresses must be at least mid-thigh in length; no mini skirts
    • No exposed undergarments
    • No halter, tank or tube tops; no transparent, half, or muscle shirts
    • No exposed shoulders
    • No low cut necklines, exposed cleavage, or spaghetti straps
    • No pajamas, loungewear, bathrobes, or blankets
    • Inappropriate tops may not be covered with sheer shirts, sweatshirts, or jackets


    • Must cover lower torso with no skin showing between top and pants/shorts
    • No exposed undergarments
    • Pants must fit at the waist
    • Shorts must be hemmed and at least mid-thigh in length
    • No mini-shorts or mini skirts with spandex leggings underneath

    Head Coverings:

    • No bandanas (all colors), do-rags (all colors), hair nets, or hair picks at any time on campus
    • No baseball caps


    • You must wear proper footwear at all times; no flip-flops or slippers

    Language/Illustrations on Clothing:

    • No obscene, vulgar, profane, or derogatory language or illustrations on clothing
    • NO RED shirts or other red clothing (i.e. red shoes, laces, or belts)
    • No sexual overtones or anything that promotes weapons, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gang membership or violence. 

    ***The dress code will be fully and fairly enforced
    Ed. Code 35294.1