Dr. Mah

  • Dr. Mah


    Dear Hoover Elementary School Students and Families,

    Our teachers and staff have been working hard this year to meet our student's goals for academic performance and achievement. We believe that all students can learn and achieve academic success. Educational research clearly documents that when families support student learning at home, there is an increase in grades, attendance, attitude, positive behavior, homework completion, social skills, higher test results, and college/career readiness. 

    Hoover pledges to provide your student(s) with the highest quality education through effective research-based instructional strategies. We pledge to ensure equity and access for every student. Educatonal Equity ensures that all children-regardless of circumstances-are receiving high-quality, grade-level, Standards-aligned, and culturally responsive instruction with access to high-quality, culturally relevant materials and resources (Adapted from UnboundEd Standards Institute{Unpacking Equity}.

    We are honored to have a dedicated staff of highly qualified and effective teachers. Together, partnering with you and your student(s), the potential for student achievement is as high as your dreams can soar! 

    We invite you to participate in your student(s) education through parent workshops, clubs, and government, as well as, parent-teacher conferences. Our conferences will be offered throughout the year where you will receive the following:

    • Update on student progress of established meeting goals
    • A review of NEW student progress data
    • The establishment of NEW academic goals
    • A demonstration of NEW activities to do at home with your child
    • An opportunity to network with other parents from your child's class to build our school community.

    Hoover Elementary School will continue to work diligently to ensure that every student receives an excellent education. We look forward to working with you as we fulfill your student(s) potential for the highest success in education, and lifelong learning opportunities. 


    Dr. Mah
    Principal: Hoover Elementary School