Welcome to Sixth Grade at Hoover!!


    Our students will work hard to become active members of their classroom community. Learning happens when students explore topics that are relevant to them, form opinions, and express ideas. This year students will learn about personal responsibility, time management, and cooperation with fellow classmates. We will grow fresh food in our new hydroponic gardens, learn about our environment, and how we can become better stewards of the planet. Sixth graders tour Ancient Civilizations, explore our place in the universe, and put their multiplication & division skills to work as they jump into the PreAlgebra topics. We will practice manners and morals as we create poetry, refine our computer skills, and learn about real-world topics that will help all citizens of the 21st century. Sixth graders will use many of SUSD's new curricula, including; Benchmark Reading, iReady Math, McGraw-Hill Social Studies, Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Robotics, and Career Readiness activities.

    Appropriate behavior and attitudes will be expected and rewarded. Sixth grade tends to be a time where students explore their emotions. If they are unprepared, this can be a difficult time for some. Students will be expected to give our classmates time to speak and learn (reduce 'blurt outs'), speak with respectful conversations (no cussing, and being able to disagree without being rude), and challenge themselves to succeed (no giving up, no shoulder shrugs, and no IDKs). I value input and advice from both students and parents. Please don't be afraid to share it.




    Shawn McCarty